a lack of inspiration becomes a beautiful butterfly

Inspirations comes in so many forms for me these days. I have been going through the cycles of productivity and lack of inspiration. This is a down swing for me where I’m not terribly inspired to create jewelry. I’m still a creative sort. I still do all the things that I do-dance, Trickster, jewelry, etc. This sort of thing is what I have lovingly referred to as my muse being on vacation. Muses were/are 9 Greek goddesses who were in charge of the arts in their many forms – dance, poetry, history, theater, astronomy, etc. My muse is something of an internal monologue/inspiration that I can honestly say DOES come and go. I have had several discussions with friends in the artist community about personal muses. Some artists refer to their muses by gender, by name, by whatever–trust me, the list is endless.

My muse is female (or at least I’d like to think my muse is female) and drives me crazy from time to time when I want to create something and don’t have the right tools or supplies–this is usually the excuse I need to go shopping for new tools/supplies. In San Francisco, shopping trip-doesn’t always happen BUT there are lots of inspirational places to visit. There are lots of parks, parklets (parks that are about the size of a parking spot or two…where a parking spot used to be) and public spaces to sit, people watch etc.



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