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The month of February has been a seriously busy month for me artistically, professionally, personally, and in every other way. I have one artist feature this month and I had to get her in before the end of the month! So, today being a Leap Day in the leap year I give you my artist feature for February, Love Hurts, and City Art gallery in general. :)

Uvonne Jones-Most has always been a creative sort. She got her start with figure drawing and taking classes to refine her technique. While in classes she discovered she truly enjoyed figure drawing and figure drawing very quickly to catch the figure with the minimalistic detail but with minimalistic detail you get primal figures and primal detail. However, when life gets in the way, certain things will creatively shift-such is the case with Uvonne. Her family came first and her art came second-a choice she never regrets. She started being creative again after her daughter was a bit older and Uvonne found her interest in figure drawing had waned. Her focus shifted to gourds after her husband gave every artists favorite (or least favorite) proposition of ‘why don’t you try (insert idea here)’ and away her creativity went. Her gourds, while very beautiful-did take a lot of space and a car accident rendered Uvonne lacking full motion of her shoulder. Out of that pain came a love of figure drawing once again. This time Uvonne decided to incorporate elements from her gourd creations into her drawings.

As a City Art artist, Uvonne is known for her figure drawings and foil elements with her drawings. She enjoys and embraces all body types with her figures and celebrates the human form.

And in her own words:

Story of a Comeback

In 2006, I was in a car accident and experienced chronic migraines. These subsequently lead to a diagnosis of fibromyalgia in 2009. At this time, it was as if I was caught in a long, dark tunnel dealing with debilitating pain. I almost thought I wouldn’t be able to do art again.

To my surprise, the tunnel led me to a new place. I had been an award-winning gourd artist, but gourds were too painful to hold. I started working with fused glass and making jewelry, something I could manage because of the small and more easily contained nature of the work. I was finding meaning and new strength through the journey as I slowly made my way through the darkness. I found renewal and new energy because of the art that was finding its way back into my life.

The Color of Healing

Turquoise has always been a favorite color of mine. It seemed to always find its way into my art: turquoise glass, and touches of it here and there. It’s a strong color that I’ve always been attracted to. The fusion of blue and green color has always had to be a part of my work. It’s a feeling of centrality and balance. This old favorite became a symbol of the healing light, the healing touch, and a force that kept me going through adversity. It’s like my life becomes right somehow when turquoise is present. It continues to find its way into my art, whether in a subtle hint of the color or as a strong and obvious presence.

The New: Paintings and Drawings

I began to work with my old figure drawings as a way to get back into painting. I realized I could paint easier on a two-dimensional surface and play with color. It was more pleasurable for me. One of the few things I could still do was keep experimenting with acrylic inks, Luna-papers, ice [glitter], colored inks, color-changing nail enamel, acrylic paints, gel pens, and different sizes of glitter. In working with paintings and drawings, I start with color and move to the design. The patterns and textures come as I carefully follow wherever the color wants to take me. The colors of the paints and drawings reminded me that one can’t have light, happiness, and growth without pain and darkness. As I embraced and accepted the pain, I found a new light that brings joy as it dances before my eyes, inside the frames, on the walls in front of you. My vision is that these paintings and drawings may provide similar inspiration and lightness for other people who have worked with their own versions of healing and courage.


To find out more or contact Uvonne please go HERE

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