A Market and an Opening…

So along with a hanging that wasn’t really a hanging this week I also participated in the SF Arts Market…and became a very frozen fox! The SF Arts Market is located at the UN Plaza in the Civic Center. Usually this means a fair amount of foot traffic to make freezing all day outside worth it. Not today- it also rained a bit today so rain plus cold equals not so great for outdoor markets.

Also, apparently, for the foot traffic that I did have today, my price points are too high. Most people who have seen my work and know me well enough know that I undervalue my work constantly. So, naturally, I’m getting mixed signals from all directions. Friends and family tell me to raise my prices, as do several artists at City Art…as soon as I do, I get people at the arts market whining about my prices being too high–when all I did was raise my prices $5-$15 depending on the piece…I can not win!


On a completely different note, I have an opening at City Art Gallery tomorrow and I’m pretty excited about it because of the case. I’m thinking I will be shuffling things in said case before the opening but for the most part, what you see is what I’ve got!

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